Socido is a free service that enables you to rate, review and discuss local businesses. You can also find special offers, great deals and discounts from local businesses to save you money.

Before you use a local business, check out it's ratings and reviews and read about other people's experiences with that business. You can submit your own rating and review for a business that's already on Socido or you can add a business if it's not already on Socido.

Check out promotions and special offers from local businesses on our home page. When you're viewing a business's page, if they have any current promotions or special offers, they will be highlighted and you can view and print them.

If you own a business, you can advertise your business along with any promotions and special offers you may currently have on Socido's home page and expose your business to the thousands of visitors to our website each month. You can also place an icon/link on your business's website that links directly to Socido to enable visitors to your website to view reviews and write their own reviews about your business. Furthermore, you can download and print a Socido flyer to display in your business to direct customers to Socido's website so they can rate and review your business.

Socido is free, independent, completely unbiased and honest. We don't edit, filter or in any way alter the ratings, reviews and comments people leave. We do not accept any sort of payment for altering or removing unfavourable ratings and reviews.